Aquanode is having a birthday!


Please join us for an epic staff retreat in Kelowna, BC to mark Aquanode's 10th anniversary!


(Yes Chelsea, this web page exists primarily for you)


The Holiday House

La Casa Cottage Resort
6808 Westside Rd
Kelowna, British Columbia  V1Z 3R8

Click here for directions from Calgary



Monday, May 28th, 2018 at 4pm PST
Door & Deck Code: 2435

Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 10am PST

It's not all fun and games.

We'll be running support for emergency requests only in 2 hour shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday, these are officially Aquanode team building days and staff will be paid for these and for Thursday, Friday is not a paid vacation day, you'll have to actually use a vacation day to extend your stay. Spouses, partners and kids are welcome, please note that we have not arranged child care and spouses are welcome at our team building engagements.

With that in mind, if your spouse or partner, who is in beautiful Lake Country with the rest of us, chooses to attend these meetings instead of enjoying the resort or venturing into Westbank or out on the beach, well, you should seriously consider your life choices.




4:00 PM
Check-in and get settled, rooms are assigned, please reference the attached

6:30 PM
Informal dinner





9:00 AM
Breakfast, cereal, eggs, bacon, muffins, fruit, or something like that

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Paul, Cody, Nick - ISQua review meeting
Lexie depart for airport to pick up Dave

10:50 AM to 1:10 PM
Sheldon teaching uGurus small group

12:30 PM
Light lunch is served

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Cody and Paul check in for support requests

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Aquanode meeting, staff and keener guests, business round table

6:30 PM
Dinner, drinks and general merriment at the Holiday House




9:00 AM
Breakfast, cereal, eggs, bacon, muffins, fruit, or something like that

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Cody and Paul check in for support requests

11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Aquanode meeting, Dave will discuss the art of making money on social media

11:30 AM
Light lunch is served

11:30 AM to 12:15 PM
Aquanode meeting continues, Sheldon will discuss where he's been and where he's going

1:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Wine tour, drink, buy wine, talk, engage, at least one person will vomit (Nick) and wrap up dinner




8:00 AM
Pack up your shit, don't leave a mess behind!

9:45 AM
Depart the Holiday House, don't leave a mess behind!

11:00 AM
Brunch at Phils, Kelowna

1:00 PM
Depart for home or wherever your final destination may be

All meals noted above will be provided by Aquanode, you're welcome, but don't set your expectations too high, breakfast will be provided by way of an enroute grocery shopping stop, lunch is provided by the resort restaurant and we'll do dinner properly. Please feel welcome to bring anything additional as needed personally.

And now all the fine print, please read.

House rules are as follows, don't break shit, don't wreck shit, clean up your shit, keep your shit quiet after 11pm, don't be a shit head and if you really need these rules we need to talk. Sadly it does not appear that there will be time for Penticton's nude beach :(

Amenities Pass
The pool areas, the marina, and the beach areas are managed by strata staff and are seasonal. To access the pool areas guests are required to present an Amenities Pass. They are required from mid-May to mid-October. These passes will be waiting for you in the Guest House upon check-in. If you do not see the pass, please contact Guest Services at 250-542-0515. If you do not want to carry the pass with you, you can take a picture of it with a cell phone.  

Road and Pool Gates
The road and pool gate codes are the same. If you are at La Casa over a month end or during the middle of the month, the code will change automatically. Please see codes listed above for details on this. 
During the summer months, you may find a variety of activity equipment in the pool area. You may want consider bringing your own tennis rackets if you wish to use the tennis courts. There is no charge for using the pool, the tennis courts, or the water parks. 

La Casa Resort Bulletin Boards
Any updates regarding the resort (e.g, water advisories, road conditions, fire bans) will be posted on the three resort bulletin boards. There is one of these by the store, one by the swimming pool and one located on the road going down towards the lake.

La Cantina Bistro & Store
La Cantina Bistro & Store is open daily from 9am to 10pm (July & August only – opening hours vary in off peak months). You will find basic groceries, snacks, espresso drinks, ice cream, and bistro style, simple food. Store is privately operated and not part of strata or LaCasa rental program. For information on off peak opening hours, please call the number below.
Telephone number: 778-475-0283

The House has 4 levels. The first level is the theatre, banquet room, and elevator entry. The second level is the bunkhouse. The third level is the Grand Suite. The fourth level is the roof top master suite and hot tub. The elevator displays the ground floor as M and the second floor as 1 and the third floor as 2. 

*Please note that we do have a staff office located on the 1st floor, close to the front door. Staff may access this office during your stay. There are also 2 parking spaces reserved for staff to the right side of the building. 

Security and Doors
When you arrive, you will enter the first level main entry doors. There is a key pad lock on the door and you simply enter the code that will be emailed to you prior to your arrival. Push the elevator button and proceed to the Grand Suite. On the first floor, keep the main entry doors locked - for both security reasons as well as to prevent vermin from entering the property. The main level door automatically locks when it closes. The exterior lights come on automatically during the evening. If you have any issues with these, please contact us for assistance.

Heat and A/C
The HVAC temperature control panels are set when you arrive. If the temperature is not comfortable for you, please feel free to adjust the thermostats but moving the temperature up and down frequently will cause very high utility usage. Please don’t use AC in the grand suite if the overhead doors are open.

Level 1 – The Theatre, Ballroom and Elevator entry
When you arrive at the Guest House and enter the elevator foyer, the theatre and ballroom are to the left. The projection room is above it on the second floor. There is a blu-ray player. Please feel free to bring your own movies as well as watch ours.

If you are here to celebrate a wedding or event in the Guest House Ballroom may we remind you that the Guest House is a 'Self-Serve' venue. Before checkout guests are required to return all items, including furniture, to their original locations.

We also ask you not to use pins or scotch tape to hang your decorations, as pins leave holes, and tape will peel paint from the walls. If you wish to hang decorations please use a removable, non-peeling tape such as Scotch double-stick removable poster tape. We also offer rolls of this tape to purchase. You may notify us in advance of your arrival, or call Guest Services during your stay, if you wish to purchase this tape from us.

Level 2 – The Bunkhouse
The bunkhouse was designed for older children and includes a tv area and 2 bedrooms. The projector room for the theatre is located at the end of the hallway which is used to play movies or cable television. The projector room should remain locked and the “responsible person” will have a key for access and operation. Please do not allow small fingers to turn knobs and buttons on the projector equipment because we will not be able to fix it over the phone if something gets adjusted. 

How to operate the projector equipment
To watch a DVD or Cable TV on the theatre screen, go to the projector room located in the bunkhouse. With the exception of the projector, the equipment is on at all times, so please don’t push anything in the cabinet other than the blu-ray player. To play a movie, insert your movie in the blu-ray player and then Turn on the projector with the projector remote, wait 1 minute for the projector to power up. Toggle the black input switch and wait 10 seconds between adjustments until your desired media is showing on the screen. When finished watching turn the projector off on the remote. Remove your CD from the blu-ray player. Do not shut anything else off. To watch cable television, toggle to the next input screen and make sure the cable box in the cabinet is turned on. Channels need to be changed from the projection room at this time. Please do not adjust sound system or add or remove cables from the back of the computer or cabinet. Please make sure the projector and theatre ! lights are off after use. Further instructions can be found in the Projector Room.
*Please do not change any of the settings in the Projector Room, other than what is listed above.

Level 3 – The Grand Suite
The Grand Suite is the main living area with 4 bedrooms, kitchen, game room, and 2 Ẅ bathrooms. 

How to operate the overhead doors
Garage doors in the Grand Suite are opened manually. On each side is a manual latch. First, you will need to unlock this, and only then open the doors. Use both handles to gently lift the door and it will slide up. To close the doors, you will need to pull them down. The doors are spring loaded so you will need to close the doors. When they are closed, you will need to slide the latch closed, otherwise they will spring back up.

How to operate the fire place
There is a switch labelled “Fireplace” on the wall across from the washer/dryer. You will need to turn this ON. Then use the toggle switch on the left side of the fireplace’s black frame to turn it on and off. It can take up to 45 seconds for the flame to appear.

How to operate the sound system
There are speakers located in the ceiling of the grand room for background music, the game room and on the outside decks. The controls for the speakers are located under the counter in the small bar area. The sound system will only run off of your phone music, plug in is on the counter top. Please note that this is a sound system and not a DJ unit, please adjust volume appropriately.

The bottom Denon receiver controls the dining area (A) and pool table area (B), its volume control is on the receiver. You may have one or both areas with the music. The top Yamaha receiver runs the outdoor speakers and sound level is controlled by the front deck and side deck controls located below the receivers. Note that you need both receivers turned on to run the outdoor speakers. Both units need to be set to CD input.

Remember that there is a Strata imposed 11PM curfew for noise so please be sure that outdoor speakers are turned off.

How to operate the Shaw TV
Both TV's in the Grand Room operate from the same cable box. You may have one or both TV's on. The controller for the TV over the sink is located in the drawer to the right of the sink and is used to turn the TV on and off and to adjust the volume. The TV on the other side of the room is operated by the Shaw controller. To turn on press TV - Power - Cable. If the cable box is off press Cable - Power

How to use the wireless Internet
The wireless Internet codes are on the label on top of the modem box sitting next to the cable box on the main suite livingroom. Network: Breakaway Password: Toledo6805

How to silence the fire Alarm
If the Guest House fire alarm goes off, you will need to go to the Bunkhouse level (2nd floor) and locate the fire alarm panel in the lobby area. When opening this panel, there is a section on the bottom with two buttons that must be pressed to stop the noise. There are stickers pointing to the right buttons. 1) Press the button with the check/tick mark that says Panel Silence to turn off the beeping. 2) Press the button with a slash through the volume icon, that is above the Alarm Silence to stop the bells from ringing.

Taking out the garbage
Directions to the garbage lot:
The garbage and recycling lots can be found by taking Barcelona Drive towards the Lake and Boat launch. It is located and clearly marked on the first hairpin corner. Guests are required to properly dispose of their own waste before checking out. 

First Aid Kit
A basic first aid kit can be located under the sink in the kitchen - please be aware that this does have limited supplies.

That's it everyone! See you in Kelowna on Monday.

Did you actually read this? The whole thing? All the way to here? Send Sheldon an email and we'll call everyone else out later.

More Fine Print

Sunday May 27th, additions, sorry, was completing a new form and found these ... Please read.

Please take note of the following

  1. If you are here to celebrate a wedding or event in the Guest House Ballroom, may we remind you that the Guest House is a ‘self-serve’ venue. Before checkout, guests are required to return all items, including furniture, to their original locations.
  2. When in use, the BBQ must be moved to a distance of at least 2 feet from the side of the Guest House as it will melt the windows and the cottage itself. You will be charged for any damages.
  3. The thermostat temperature should only be adjusted in increments of 5 degrees at a time or the A/C unit will freeze up and stop working for hours.
  4. At 4:00 PM every day, a strong wind comes up that causes the patio umbrellas to fly away. Please take them down if you are leaving the deck, as they can literally take orbit.
  5. All properties are privately owned, please keep Guest House content in the Guest House. Please treat items carefully and with respect.
  6. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. There are two smoking areas – one is behind the Grand Suite, and the other is in the alleyway in the parking lot. In both areas, there is an outdoor ashtray. It is the responsibility of the renter to advise and insure that guests are smoking in designated areas.
  7. Quiet time at the resort starts at 11:00pm and is strictly enforced with a $1,000 bylaw penalty.



The equipment in the projector room is not to be adjusted. There will be a minimum charge of $100 if a technician is required to restore the equipment to its original settings and working order.

No early check-ins our late checkouts. A half night charge will be applied for late checkouts.

Please ensure you return all furniture to its original location. Furniture moving charges of $75/hour will be applied if we are required to return furniture to its original location.

Unless you have made event arrangements to use additional place settings or furniture from the ballroom level, you will be charged at $25 per person rental (which includes set-up and tear-down fee).

Please note that charges, of up to $1000 + GST, may be applied if we find the following at check-out:

  • That remaining dirty dishes have not been loaded and the dishwasher has not been run.

  • That garbage has not been taken to the dump. (Across Westside Road (main road to La Casa) toward the bottom of Barcelona Drive)

  • That bottles + recylables have not been taken to the recycling station. (Across Westside Road (main road to La Casa) toward the bottom of Barcelona Drive)

  • That the BBQ has not been cleaned. If you are barbecuing messy meats with lots of sauces, consider cooking on a piece of tin foil. To clean the BBQ, scrape it with a brush. The best time to do this is immediately after BBQ use.

  • Cigarette butts found outside of the ashtrays will incur an additional $50 cleaning fee.